Designed in an authentic style, built using ecofriendly materials and blended seamlessly into the remarkable landscape of a natural environment, our over water villas creates a sophisticated and intimate ambiance where guests are able to feel truly at home.

Luxury today is seen to be related to the quality of life, but its definition is deeply personal to the individual. Luxury can be defined as time spent with loved ones, a sense of belonging, a moment of absolute privacy, a perfect cup of coffee, a wonderful book, or simply an opportunity to escape from reality. Ultimately, luxury is the freedom to make your own choice.
At Gili Lankanfushi, we offer our guests the freedom to make that choice, providing an opportunity to redefine what luxury means, and ensuring that whatever their definition, we continuously strive to meet and exceed their expectations. 

With the natural beauty of the greenery on the island and rich marine biodiversity in our surrounding lagoons, we are sensitive to the environment and respect its ecological balance.

We aimed to become aware of one’s natural and cultural surroundings, as well as to be responsible in taking care of them. At Gili Lankanfushi, we introduce to our guests the natural beauty of our island and encourage them to live a more responsible lifestyle while moving towards a zero-waste existence.

We not only encourage guests to practice being sustainable during their stay with us, but to also bring home these responsible initiatives to practice and to adopt this way of living in their daily lives, to help make this world a beautiful one to live in.

Relax, Retreat and Rejuvenate are three essentials of Gili Well-Being Journeys at Meera Spa. We understand the stress of a bustling city life and need to care for your inner well-being. Discover holistic and healing treats for the mind, body and soul in a tranquil setting with a focus on purifying and rejuvenating your body for long term benefits. A combination of several treatments involving stretching, pressure points massage, plus Ayurvedic medicated oils and holistic therapy will help uplift your senses. Begin your wellness journey with us and be on your way to a revitalizing road to recovery of inner peace and balance.