We are different, we know it and we are proud of it. As the United Arab Emirates continues to grow at an unprecedented rate we are lucky as a resort to help preserve our core value and vision for what a true beach experience resort is supposed to be.

In our eyes, we want our guest’s to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and enjoy the pristine white sand beach as they discover the unique one of a kind Snoopy Island emerge from the Indian Ocean. 

As one of the first beach resorts in the UAE, in 1978 Sandy Beach was merely a place where divers would come and rent one of the 10 still standing private chalets. 

Today, the secret of Al Aqah Fujairah as one of the best shorelines in the country has gotten out and more than ever before the area has been transformed into a world-class leisure destination. With such change, one would expect the free-spirited motel to evolve into a towering hotel where capitalistic ideals strive; but luckily for us we wanted to create diversity for our guests and preserve our true identity which is to create an experience which is defined by the true outdoors and minmalism.The Sandy Beach experience is a memory, an adventure and a dose of relaxation, it is a getaway, an escape from the chaotic loud cities of the United Arab Emirates.