Hotel Aethria From Above

Hotel Aethria situated on the unique island of Northern Greece. The emerald of Aegean where beautiful coral beaches meet the green mountains covered with pine trees, composing extraordinary scenery.

Thassos history begins very early in ancient Greece acquiring great cultural value.
The hotel has taken its name from the ancient name of Thassos. It means “island with wonderful weather and healthy climate” both of which still exist.

Our hotel is located in the town of Thassos, Limenas, built in a garden of total area of 11,000 sq. meters. There is a children’s playground, tennis court, parking area, swimming-pool and pool-bar. Here you can enjoy the sun sipping exotic and refreshing cocktails.

The staff does everything they can to keep their guests entertained. Similarly, they prepare a great dinner with heart and soul.

While it’s nice to know what the rooms look like, static interior footage and videos don’t do the hotel much justice in general. 

With this drone recording ‘Hotels by Drone’ present Hotel Aethria in a different way. Aerial videos of these accommodations will inspire everyone to wander!