Following the coastal road of Ilia village, to the right, we reach the hotel. Ilia mare hotel is the work of some people who with love and passion dared to make their dreams and ideas come true. 

The imposing building ideally combines luxury with elegant architectural style. It stands out for the style and uniqueness of its architecture, which, however, fits harmoniously into the landscape. 

The hospitable mood of the owners that embraces the visitor from the first moment, the simple, tasteful environment, the comforts and equipment of the rooms, the impeccable service and the diffused beauty of the landscape, are a guarantee for a stay of very high standards.

While it’s nice to know what the rooms look like, static interior footage and videos don’t do the hotel much justice in general. 

With this drone recording ‘Hotels by Drone’ present Ilia Mare Hotel in a different way. Aerial videos of these accommodations will inspire everyone to wander!