Hotel La Torre is located just 50 meters from La Torre di Barisardo beach, which is the beach that extends to the sides of the Spanish tower.

The beach is divided into “Sa spiaggia de is feminas”, to the right of the tower, and “Sa spiaggia de is mascus” to its left, names that date back to the post-war years, a period in which the two beaches were frequented separately by men and women. 

The north part of the tower is characterized by the coarse-grained sand bottom, with a dense pine forest behind it. To the south of the tower, on the other hand, the beach takes on very different characteristics: the beach is composed of gray pebbles and fine sand and extends to a small granite promontory that separates it from the Sa Marina beach.

The crystal clear waters of this beach are characterized by a shallow seabed that rapidly degrades.