Adrián Hoteles Roca Nivaria seen from above.

A 5-star hotel for the whole family.
Enjoy facilities and services with the quality seal of Adrian Hoteles. Roca Nivaria GH is characterized by a beauty given by its architecture. With a minimalist style and by a unique location that will make you believe that you are sailing in the middle of the Atlantic. 

Be surprised by this hotel insignia and come with your partner or family to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

The staff does everything they can to keep their guests entertained. Similarly, they prepare a great dinner with heart and soul.

While it’s nice to know what the rooms look like, static interior footage and videos don’t do the hotel much justice in general. 

With this drone recording ‘Hotels by Drone’ present Adrián Hoteles Roca Nivaria in a different way. Aerial videos of these accommodations will inspire everyone to wander!