The exclusive five-star hotel on the very coast of the sea. The unique location and the highest level of service makes us truly the best hotel of Odessa!

This is the closest hotel by the sea. Exquisite interior, every part has been meticulously crafted to the smallest details, panoramic view of the sea bay, promenade or central park.

At any time of the year a luxurious bath complex with a variety of steam rooms and pools with sea water, as well as Wellness SPA, where you can enjoy exquisite spa treatments and original massages works for you. 

On the hotel territory: 6 swimming pools with heated sea water, 7 whirlpool tubs, as well as 35 whirlpool tubs in the rooms. Unique dolphin-shaped pool is open all year. In winter time you have at your disposal an indoor swimming pool.

While it’s nice to know what the rooms look like, static interior footage and videos don’t do the hotel much justice in general. 

With this drone recording ‘Hotels by Drone’ present NEMO Hotel Resort & Spa in a different way. Aerial videos of these accommodations will inspire everyone to wander!