Azulik is a private, adults-only beach resort and Mayan Wellness Centre. It features a secluded, clothing-optional beach which is perfect for sunbathing or swimming. Each spacious tree house is made from Mexican-royal-ebony Khatalosh and features floor-to-ceiling windows providing natural daylight, mosquito nets.

The tree house’s also have a private deck with outdoor day beds, seating areas and views of the lush jungle and the Caribbean Sea. The rooms are free of TV’s, phone or electricity so you can relax and reconnect with nature. Azulik offers a magical experience, serving breakfast and lunch. Also a beach bar, a wonderful spa & beauty center. We also provide traditional Mayan massage and healing therapies, medicinal herbal baths and the traditional Mayan-sweat-lodge temazcal treatment. 

The units have a unique Mayan mosaic bath tub where you can have a special invigorating bath in rich mineralized cenote’s water, which is considered as sacred water within Mayan culture. Azulik is 3 km south of Tulum Archaeological Site and 4 km from Tulum town centre. Our Cancun International Airport is about a 90 minutes drive to Azulik’s location.
The villas of AZULIK Tulum were designed to create an atmosphere for rest, where we limit technology to reduce its impact on the environment and our ability to get in tune with our surroundings.

Over the jungle of AZULIK Tulum, a treehouse with private nests and a unique architecture offers an enveloping gastronomic encounter that begins in our signature contemporary cuisine.
A connection between Mexican and Japanese culture happens above the canopy of the jungle. Cross a swing bridge to enter an artisanal environment where new flavors come alive.

Our exclusive seaside spa offers specially designed treatments that pamper your body and soul with organic products and authentic purification therapies.

ANCIENT RITUALS: the WISDOM that comes from the PAST
We recover the teachings of our ancestors to heal in an integral way. Through sacred ceremonies, we reconnect with the native world vision that understands the body and spirit as a whole.

In the hands of the alchemists, beauty takes on a bodily shape. This is a space that reinterprets beauty, a shelter where physical materiality is enhanced with products and treatments of the highest quality.