Cambará Eco Hotel is one of the few hotels in the region, since most of the receptive structure is made up of inns, and also the first with ecological molds. 

In addition to maintaining trails in the native araucaria forest, it has anaerobic sewage treatment, rainwater capture through cisterns for use in laundry, gardening and bathrooms, solar heating, environmental preservation area, separation of dry and organic waste within the apartments and social areas, presence sensors in the corridors, blankets made with fibers from pet bottles, among others.

Strategically built in front of a lake with more than 21,000m², it offers comfort, hospitality and an infrastructure for leisure and rest. 1500 meters from the center of Cambará do Sul, on the way to the Aparados da Serra National Park, Itaimbezinho canyon, with one of the most beautiful views of the city, the hotel has a location for those who want to enjoy and have contact with the beauties Cambaraenses.

While it’s nice to know what the rooms look like, static interior footage and videos don’t do the hotel much justice in general. 

With this drone recording ‘Hotels by Drone’ present Cambará Eco Hotel in a different way. Aerial videos of these accommodations will inspire everyone to wander!