Canary Islands

The best climate for your holidays
How many times have you heard that Canarians have an open, happy character? It’s no surprise given that they live in a climate with an average temperature of 24ºC with no extreme cold or excessive summer heat. It’s enough to give anyone a sunny disposition.

There’s scientific proof that climate has an effect on our state of mind: Feeling the sunshine on our skin, breathing in fresh air, walking barefoot on the sand or gazing at a sky full of stars are moments that fill us with energy and refresh us from inside.

The energy that awaits you
Discover the impressive volcanic nature and energy of a beautiful Atlantic
archipelago full of wild and incredible landscapes.

Feel the unique natural energy of the Canary Islands as it fills you with dynamic energy and an eruption of emotions. Seven islands that offer an incredible and spectacular natural diversity and a warm climate perfect for intense experiences throughout the year.

A challenge throughout the year
In the Canary Islands, you can give the best of yourself, challenge your limits and beat your records. The archipelago is a paradise for outdoor extreme sports with no close season. Our spectacular wild places are there to be challenged all year round thanks to the Canarian climate with average temperatures of 19oC in winter and 23oC in summer: Perfect for outdoor sports and pushing your limits.

A destination with stars
The Canary Islands are an exceptional astrotourism destination all through the year thanks to their privileged location and clear, protected night skies.

Whether you visit one of the big international observatories or take a night tour with an expert guide you feel close to the cosmos. Pick a star and dream of your future, or make a wish.

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